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About Us 


A swingers concept for erotic parties, where style, class and hygiene are paramount.
We, Nympho ladies are minus 40 years old, we think it's great to get attention from several men and or ladies at the same time. We need such parties as an outlet to keep our sexual urges going.

We always look forward to getting to know you and welcoming you in our most daring sexy outfits where high heels are a must, in a very relaxed and relaxed atmosphere together with a snack and a drink.

Due to the many positive reactions on the various review sites, our parties are becoming increasingly popular.

Do you want to experience how we bring you to an ultimate highlight, don't hesitate, become a member and receive our newsletter.
All members receive a personal invitation to participate.
All this in a non-binding framework.

Our parties are open to single men, single women and couples from the age of 21.

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